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The On Diet Now App

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First Free Nutrition Awareness Application in 3 Languages

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The First Free Nutrition Awareness application in 3 languages: Arabic, English and French. Created by the Nutrition researcher and activist, Denise Abou Jamra, the “On Diet Now” app is here to provide you with a great amount of essential “first-hand” and “unique” information and content on nutrition, weight control and healthy lifestyle. This app’s objective is to answer all your “unanswered” questions in the fields of nutrition, diet and fitness.

In addition to the BMI calculator included, our famous weekly NutriQuiz is also part of the “On Diet Now” app. By requesting your answer on a simple but tricky question, this entertaining and challenging quiz aims to help you learn how to healthily gain and continuously adopt the correct and simple-to-apply “habits” which you should preserve. It also shows you how to set aside and eliminate the wrong food and nutritional “ideas received”.

This app includes a lot of interesting features such as:
– Daily Articles, Tips and Advices
– True/False facts (you’ll be amazed when you’ll discover that things you took for granted are not so “granted” in reality!)
– Weekly NutriQuiz (an entertaining, tricky and rewarding way to learn new things on foods, drinks and nutrition in general)
– Your BMI calculator (so that you watch your line on the spot)
– And much more features, current and to be added soon…

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