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Do you know much about green almonds?

Do you know much about green almonds?

No wonder that we all feel the spring season coming as soon as we notice the road sellers with their carts decorated with a good load of green almonds. We see them deployed on the sides of the roads and in public squares, arranging each single piece of almond and decorating it with green leaves, a way to announce the arrival of springtime. It is a scene which carries the smell of spring and a lot of memories from our childhood and from the times of fasting and holidays.

Let us now share some nutritional information and benefits which describe green almonds:

– Green almonds contain a high proportion of water, that is around about 88% of their weight.

– They are very rich in dietary fibers, which make them a suitable food providing us with a sense of fullness, especially if we have it as a “snack”.

– It is possible for us to eat some 10 to 12 pieces of almond since these bring us around 100 calories only.

– Green almonds are rich in proteins and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese), and vitamins E and A.

– They are also rich in good fat and therefore they help reduce bad cholesterol levels; they also help protect against cardiovascular diseases.

When buying green almonds, we should try to pick medium-sized pieces. Although the shape of these pieces looks clean and shiny, it is always best to thoroughly wash green almonds before consuming them. On the other hand, we should avoid adding a large amount of salt which would lead to hiding the delicious taste of almonds, on one hand, and will spoil all the nutritional benefits that can be provided to us by almonds, on the other hand. Therefore, enjoy eating these delicious fresh green almonds and take advantage of their short season and… Bon appetite!

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