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Ways to maximize the nutritional benefits of tomato

– Eat whole tomatoes and do not peel off their skin or remove their seeds unless you have a health condition or any other necessity for doing so. The tomato contains a good quantity of fibers which contribute in facilitating the intestinal transit. Such fibers are essentially concentrated in the skin and seeds.
– Pick tomato pieces that have a strong red color and are ripe. The stronger is the red color of tomato, the richer it is in Lycopene, an effective antioxidant, which means that you’ll better benefit from its important nutritional properties.
– When adding tomato to your salad, remember that whenever you cut it in advance and the more you cut it into small pieces, the tomato will lose a larger portion of its Lycopene content.
– Eat cooked tomatoes since cooking it increases its Lycopene content which becomes more effective and better absorbed.
– Add a bit of oil (olive oil, for example) to tomatoes. This could facilitate the body’s absorption of Lycopene and increase its usefulness.
– Eat fresh tomatoes that are field-cultivated, grown during their natural season and as soon as possible after harvesting. You will thus benefit from its richness in vitamin C which diminishes when tomato is exposed to air, light, heat and storage.

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