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Cellulitis… Quick tips to help you get rid of it

Here are a few tips that may help you avoid the appearance of cellulite and reduce the aggravation of this problem.

– Avoid wearing tight clothes as much as possible because they hinder blood circulation and contribute to the emergence of this problem.
– Consult your doctor to make sure you’re not taking medications that may contribute to aggravating this problem.
– Avoid fried foods which are high in harmful fats. Also, repeated exposure to oils at high temperatures contributes to the production of toxic substances which the body cannot easily get rid of and which accumulate and appear in some parts of the body.
– Avoid the excessive consumption of sugar-rich foods which contribute to the storage of fat and its accumulation in the body.
– Reduce your consumption of salt and avoid processed and ready-made dishes, canned foods, industrial soups and sauces. These are high in calories and saturated fats, a thing that promotes fluid retention in the body and adversely affects blood circulation.
– Avoid smoking, because nicotine inhibits the proper flow of blood in small vessels and thus reduces the access of oxygen to tissues.
– Avoid alcohol which contributes to water retention in the body and increases the accumulation of fat in some body parts.
– Practice any of those “light” physical activities regularly. This helps build muscles and improve blood circulation.

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