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Of course, you can eat bread and this is the portion of it

We often hear about concerns regarding bread and many are those who refrain from consuming it since they feel that eating it is one of the most important causes leading to weight gain. As such, here are 7 facts about bread:

1- There is no specific food that causes weight gain by itself. The issue lies in the quantity of food we eat, its quality, how it is made, and what other foods accompany it or are added to it. And bread is no exception in here.
2- Bread belongs to the family of carbohydrates which also includes rice, potatoes, pasta, bulgur, etc.
3- Bread can well be included in a balanced food plan.
4- Considering the quantity of bread we consume and counting it as part of the number of the allowed daily carbohydrates portions for a certain person, and not as an addition to them, does not lead to weight gain.
5- Usually, one portion of bread (30 grams of bread) contains between 70 and 80 calories.
6- Consuming bread helps persevere in diet since the process of chewing it, as well as its delicious taste, provides us a feeling of satiety and contentment and reduces our desire to eat sweets and candies between meals.
7- It is preferable to stay away from types of bread that contain sugar, milk, hydrogenated oils or fats, olives, raisins, etc.

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