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Smart and easy ideas for having less food without any specific diet

– Whenever you wish to eat biscuits, chocolate, chips and the like, make sure not to eat them directly from their original packaging. Take a certain quantity out of the box, put it in a separate plate, try to cut it in pieces as much as possible. Then, keep the remaining content completely out of your sight and out of reach. This is a guaranteed way to deter you from taking up the entire content.

– When you feel a strong desire for sweets, start by eating a piece of tomato or cucumber or some soft lettuce leaves with a glass of water. Afterwards, go for the type of sweets you’re longing for. You will soon notice that you’ll be satisfied with a fewer quantity of such sweets than what you would usually consume.

– There is no doubt that the size of a certain quantity of food varies depending on the size of the plate in which it is placed. As such, if we put a certain quantity of food in a large plate, it will seem to us insignificant and insufficient. However, if we put that same quantity in a smaller plate, we will find that the plate is full and it is likely that such a quantity is quite enough to feed both our stomach and our eyes.

– Don’t stay for long hours without eating any food arguing that you’re too busy and you don’t really feel hungry. Such a behavior will often lead you, during the next meal, to eat much more food than what you usually consume.

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