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10 simple and easy ways to reach satiety and consume less food

– Whenever you’re craving for pasta, be sure to have it “Al Dente”, i.e. not fully cooked. By doing so, the glycemic index of pasta will be lower than in the case of fully cooked pasta. As such, you will feel satisfied with a lesser quantity that would provide you with a quick sense of fullness.
– Add a small quantity of garlic or onions to your dishes (salads, labneh, …). In addition to their amazing benefits to the body, their taste will help you feel satisfied and will hasten the cycle of satiety.
– Keep away from white bread, white rice, and refined pasta, and replace these with an appropriate quantity of such same products made of whole grain flour or cereals. This type of food does not raise blood sugar in a quick manner and is rich in fibers, a thing that stimulates the cycle of satiety.
– Never start a meal with foods high in carbs since these tend to raise quickly the blood sugar level, hence strengthening your appetite and delaying the feeling of satiety while not feeling satisfied with the appropriate quantity of food.
– Start your meal with a plate of salad made of leafy vegetables. This will make you feel full before you consume a large quantity of the meal’s main dish.
– Eat enough proteins during each of the three meals since proteins enhance the feeling of satiety and make you avoid consuming big quantities of food.
– Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon over the piece of fruit you are consuming. In addition to its many benefits, cinnamon is characterized by its special flavoring that can help you enjoy your meal and consume a moderate quantity of food.
– Make sure to wash your mouth and teeth thoroughly with water as soon as you start feeling satiety. This will help eliminate the taste of the food you were eating and thus will reduce your need for more.
– Light up some candles scented with cinnamon oil or vanilla. It has been shown that the sense of smell, especially for such kinds of aromas, can affect the sensation of satiety and can help calm down your desire for overeating.
– After taking each bite of food, put the fork back in your plate and don’t touch it until you have completely finished chewing whatever you’re consuming.

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