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Pumpkin seeds: 9 amazing benefits and each portion is equal to…

– Pumpkin seeds fight insomnia and stimulate sleep. This is because they are rich in the “Tryptophan” amino acid which contributes to alleviate anxiety and get a good sleep.
– They help acquire a fresh and fully vital skin because of their richness with antioxidants, especially carotenoids and vitamin E.
– They are useful for the health of hair and nails, thanks to their richness with zinc and iron.
– Pumpkin seeds are exceptionally rich in magnesium, whereas two tablespoons of such seeds contain about 74 mg of magnesium.
– The portion of pumpkin seeds is equal to about two tablespoons, the equivalent of 125 calories as per the USDA.
– They are diuretic and contribute to the prevention of prostate problems in men.
– Pumpkin seeds are considered a pleasant intestinal relaxant. They also contributes to the expulsion of worms and intestinal parasites.
– Some studies proved they are useful in preventing the formation of some types of kidney stones.
– Pumpkin seeds are rich in good fats, proteins and fibers, and contain carbohydrates.

Final note: Peeled pumpkin seeds can be rapidly oxidized. Hence, be careful when buying such a product and store them in the fridge inside a tightly closed glass container.

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