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6 foods to keep away when dieting…

Luncheon meat (mortadella) and delicatessen: In general, these are very rich in harmful saturated fats and calories. They contain sugar and are rich in salt which contributes to bodily water retention. They also contain a large quantity of harmful nitrates and nitrites which are often used to prolong such products’ validity and to give them that appealing pink color.

Donuts and the like: In addition to being often fried with hydrogenated oils, they are very high in calories, fat and carbs (1 piece of donuts = about 300 calories). Many people consume them because they are easily available and they provide afterwards a feeling of satisfaction. However, people may forget that such a feeling will soon dissipate and will be replaced by severe hunger and a strong desire for fatty and sugary foods.

Candies: Do not contain any nutritional value and rich in sugar (2 small candies = the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of sugar). Do not give any sense of satiety, on the contrary, they quickly raise blood glucose level, a thing that leads to an acute feeling of hunger. Finally, candies contain large quantities of industrial colorings, flavorings and harmful additives.

Bread, cakes, toasts, and pastries made of white flour: In addition to the quantity of sugar often added to these foods, white flour is known to have low nutrient content and to be free of wheat bran and thus of all fiber types. An excessive consumption of white flour leads to raising blood sugar levels in a sharp manner and thus to the secretion of a high volume of insulin, creating a sense of strong hunger soon after eating such foods.

Sweetened soft drinks: Very rich in calories and sugar (the equivalent of around 8 teaspoons of sugar per cup), devoid of any nutritional value and any minerals or vitamins. They contain artificial flavors and colors, some of which may have a negative effect on health.

Potato chips: Rich in carbohydrates, saturated fats, salt and calories (100 g = 550 calories). They contain monosodium glutamate which aims at enhancing the flavor and increasing the appetite for such a food. They also contain harmful acrylamides.

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