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Chicken meat… Why choose it for dieting and which part is the least caloric

– Chicken meat is an important source of good quality proteins. Each 100 grams contains about 23 grams of protein.
– In general, chicken meat is lower in fat and in cholesterol than red meat. Also, the method of preparation and cooking chicken meat plays a great role in this regard.
– Caloric counts as well as fat and cholesterol levels in chicken differ depending on the piece that is consumed and on its method of preparation and cooking.
– Unskinned chicken breast is the least caloric and the lowest in fat and cholesterol than all other parts. Chicken thigh is the second best in this regard. As for chicken wings, these are the richest in fat, cholesterol and calories. These should not be recommended for people suffering from high cholesterol levels or from cardiovascular diseases.
– Chicken skin is the main source of fat; it is where the largest percentage of cholesterol is concentrated. Therefore, it must be completely removed before cooking.
– Chicken meat contains zinc and vitamin B but is lower in iron than red meat.

Upon purchasing:
– First, check the date of validity of the chicken meat and ensure that the plate or bag in which it is packed is free from any liquid. The more liquid is present, the more it indicates that chicken is timeworn or poorly conserved.
– Make sure that its colour is pink and that it does not have a bad or unpleasant or a strongly rancid smell.
– Finally, after pressing it with a finger, the longer chicken meat keeps showing deformation the more chances are that it is timeworn.

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