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8 tips guaranteed to help you eat less…

– Avoid taking your food when it’s too hot; usually, very hot food is swallowed quickly. Hence, by doing so, we’ll need to consume a higher quantity until we feel satiety.
– Diversify the spices you add to your dishes; besides being beneficial for health, spices have a satiating effect.
– Avoid soups and purées and go for foods that need to be well chewed. This practice will increase your meal time and you’ll reach satiety with less food.
– Chew well your food and consume it slowly; food swallowed too quickly will not fill you up, so you will end up eating a much higher quantity of food until you reach satiety.
– As soon as you feel the desire for nibbling, take a chewing gum. Its sweet and fruity taste will make you ignore the need for nibbling.
– Start your meal with a green salad or some raw vegetables; their high fiber content makes them an “appetite suppressant”.
– Choose satiating and low caloric foods; they will fill your stomach without the need to consume large quantities. Examples: lean meat, fish, chicken breast, eggs, skimmed dairy products, legumes, whole grains, leafy vegetables, etc.
– Get enough sleep; lack of sleep leads to an increased production of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite.

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