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8 facts about chestnuts and their caloric value per serving

– The chestnut is an important source of energy, it contains 236 calories/100 grams.
– One serving of chestnuts consists of about 3 pieces which provide us with about 60 calories.
– The chestnut contains a large quantity of carbohydrates, 47.8 g/100 g. Also, it is important to mention that these are complex carbohydrates, hence they are slowly absorbed by the body and they do not raise blood sugar rapidly.
– The chestnut is low in fat and is completely free of cholesterol.
– The chestnut contains a high proportion of soluble and insoluble fibers, 5.1 g / 100 g. Therefore, it is useful for the intestinal transit and it contributes in stimulating satiety and fights against harmful cholesterol.
– The chestnut is a good source of many vitamins, the most important are those of the B group, in addition to its good content of vitamin C.
– The chestnut is useful for the bones’ health as it is rich in phosphorus and contains a good proportion of calcium as well. In addition, it contains several other minerals such as manganese, iron, copper and zinc.
– The chestnut is completely free of gluten. It is used to produce gluten-free flour, which is an important product for people suffering from gluten sensitivity.

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