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Beware plastic containers carrying these numbers…

Studies have evidenced the presence of harmful constituents in many plastic containers and bottles, such as Bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, benzophenones and others.

In fact, a certain percentage of such harmful constituents is transferred into the food or drink that we consume, especially during the process of heating food or under the influence of any source of heat, case of plastic bottles of water left under the sun for example, or when there is a high degree of acidity in the content of such packages as tomato sauce or other acid foods or liquids. Therefore, you should avoid heating or storing food in plastic containers in general, and you should especially beware containers carrying the following numbers (which appear inside a visible triangle at the bottom of the container).

– Numbers 3 (PVC), 7 (PC) and 6 are the most harmful.
– Number 1, which is often seen on water bottles, for example, means that such a container is intended for single use only and should not be used again. Therefore, water should not be refilled in these bottles which should not, also, be used for juices, etc.
– Numbers 2 (HDP), 4 (PEHD) and 5 (PP) are relatively the least harmful.

In addition, all plastic containers that show signs of damage or kinking or malformation or otherwise should be thrown away.

Finally, it is recommended to use glass containers and bottles for storing food and liquids and for heating food in the microwave. You should also be aware of the fact that some types of glass may not tolerate high temperatures; therefore, this should be clearly noted on glass containers before we use them to heat food in the microwave.

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