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Here are 5 common dietary beliefs that are… wrong!

1- White spots on nails are linked to calcium deficiency

Although our mother or grandmother always associated the presence of white spots on nails to calcium deficiency, this is not true. Indeed, these little white spots reflect in most cases a deformity in the nail keratin layers which are irregularly superimposed and thus cause some lack of transparency in that spot. Also, such a deformity usually occurs following a nail trauma. It also disappears gradually with the development of that nail. However, if ever it is found that these white spots last too long or multiply, it becomes then imperative to take the advice of a doctor so that he/she would rule out any medical problem caused by a fungus or a bacterial infection, etc.

2- Consuming pineapple make you lose weight

Contrary to what is often said, pineapple has no specific slimming virtue. However, it contains bromelain which is an enzyme that helps in the digestion of proteins and that plays no role with regards to losing weight. However, it is always good to enjoy some delicious fresh pineapple which would be one of the daily fruit portions.

3- An excessive consumption of green beans to “favism”

We often hear that a large consumption of green beans causes “favism”. In reality, such a statement is not accurate and does not apply to us all; it is only valid for people who suffer from what is called “favism” and who are prohibited from any consumption of beans (whether raw, canned or cooked) and certain types of food and certain medications. Moreover, “favism” is a common disease caused by a genetic deficiency of the G6PD enzyme (Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase) which is necessary for the proper functioning of red blood cells. In such cases, red blood cells get fragmented or degraded when exposed to oxidizing substances, some of which are found in green beans.

4- Drinking water while eating makes us fat

Drinking water at meal time and at any time of the day does not make us any fatter. However, this may have other considerations. For example, those having a slow digestive cycle accompanied with stomach discomfort are advised not to drink water during meals since water consumption along with foods dilutes digestive juices, thereby making them less efficient during the digestion process.

5- As long as the smell and shape of food stored in the fridge is good, as long as it is fit for consumption

The appearance and the smell of a food product are not always an indication of its good condition. A food item may be contaminated with harmful bacteria while such a thing may not be evident through its smell and shape. Hence, if ever you are in doubt as to food condition (it was badly preserved or it lasted a long time before being used), it is advisable not to take any risk and not to rely on its good smell but, instead, you should discard it immediately.

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