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Delivery meals… Tips for having them healthy and nutritious

Pizza: Ask for making it with a very thin dough and choose only two types of ingredients. Ask also for adding a lot of vegetables and avoid additions such as four cheeses or pepperoni.

Chinese dishes: Choose the ones that are entirely steamed or boiled and ensure that nuts are grilled and not fried and that they are kept separate so that to control the quantity to add.

Sandwiches: Ask to replace white bread with whole wheat bread and avoid types of sandwiches that include meat, cheese, bacon, eggs and mayonnaise altogether. Instead pick one or two of these ingredients with lots of lettuce, tomato slices and some mustard.

Potatoes: Ask to have them grilled or boiled without butter and avoid fried potatoes or “wedges”.

Pasta: Always ask for making them “Al Dente” and ask to replace the “crème fraiche” sauce or béchamel sauce with the lower caloric and less fatty tomato sauce and avoid additions such as cheese or delicatessen.

Falafel sandwiches: Ask to have the falafel grilled with a little bit of “taratore” and that they are made with one loaf of bread instead of the full double-loafed bread and with lots of vegetables.

Manakeesh: Ask to have a very thin full-wheat dough. Make sure that thyme and oil are only added after baking the dough, and ask to have a lot of vegetables with it.

Meat, chicken and fish: Ensure that they are grilled, boiled or steamed and avoid the “pané” or fried types. Choose steak or filet meat and avoid hamburger or minced meat. Be sure to have skinless chicken breast and always choose fish filets.

Sauces accompanying meat and chicken: Keep away from creamy sauce, meat broth sauce with cheese, white sauce or béchamel sauce.

Salads: Avoid “Cole Slaw” as it is rich in fat (mayonnaise) and a tablespoon of sugar is often added to it. Choose the season’s salad and always ask to have the sauce separately.

Caesar salad: First, make sure that it is your main dish and not an accompaniment. Ask that it includes grilled chicken slices, ask to reduce the amount of fried croton bread or ask that they are grilled. Ask also to reduce cheese slices which are rich in fat. Also ask to increase the quantity of lettuce and that sauce is left aside so that to only use a few of it.

Sauces accompanying salads: Stay away from the mayonnaise sauce and Roquefort sauce and pick the mustard sauce or balsamic vinegar. Always ask that they are brought separately so that you can put only a few of it.

Fattoush: Make sure that the bread is grilled and not fried and ask that the sauce be left aside.

Drinks: Don’t ask to have any juices or soft drinks and replace these with mineral water or soda water.

Finally, remember that should never refrain from asking about the portion size, about how food is prepared and cooked and about the types of dressings and sauces accompanying it. Sometimes, the portion size is exaggerated, making it difficult for you to stop eating before you “wipe out” the whole dish.

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