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5 foods we should avoid at breakfast

Try to avoid these foods as much as possible at breakfast since they contribute to weight gain, a continuous feeling of hunger throughout the day or to fatigue and mood swings and sudden hunger before lunch.

– Breakfast cereals:
Ads always promote these as the best morning foods. However, many varieties of such foods contain large amounts of added sugar, colorants, additives, and synthetic flavor enhancers; they are also low in proteins and fibers. Therefore, read the label and go for the varieties that are low in added sugar and rich in fibers and proteins or replace them with some oat flakes, a few raw nuts and a few dried fruits, bearing in mind not to exceed 45 grams.

– Canned fruit juice:
As it’s rich in sugar, flavorings and artificial colors. It also provides us a large amount of calories. If you are a juice lover, you can then make your own fruit juice as long as it does not exceed the equivalent of one fruit serving.

– Cereals and granola bars:
Most of the prepared bars sold in shops and supermarkets are very rich in sugar and artificial sweeteners and are poor in proteins and fibers. Thus, they provide a sense of satiety immediately after consumption, a feeling that vanishes quickly and is replace by a strong and ruthless feeling of hunger. It is therefore preferable to choose the items that have a minimum of 5 grams of proteins, but don’t contain more than 5 grams of sugar. They should be rich in fibers too.

– Soft white bread (Pain de mie):
This type of bread is often rich in additives and sugar. It contains hydrogenated vegetable oils and is very poor in vitamins and fibers. So you can simply replace it with a piece of whole wheat bread.

– Sweetened fruit-flavored yogurt:
Although such food is considered an important source of calcium and proteins, there are sweetened varieties of it that contain plenty of added sugar, preservatives, colorants and very few fruits. Therefore, we cannot consider it as the best option for us. As such, it is preferable to go for plain and unsweetened yoghurt to which some fresh fruit pieces may be added if this is preferable.

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