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Red Ashurian Aleppo pistachio – A look at its benefits and adequate serving size

– The Aleppo pistachio plays an active role in fighting the aging effect and preventing many diseases:
Thanks to its richness in antioxidants that attenuate the harmful effects of free radicals on the body.

– It helps control appetite:
It helps fight down persistent nibbling and the urge for foods that are high in sugars and fat. Because of its richness in useful fats and its high content of proteins and fibers, it provides a sense of satiety that lasts for hours.

– It can be taken as a nutritious snack:
One serving equals to some 40 pieces containing about 165 calories.

– It can be part of weight reducing diets, on the condition that it is consumed in small and appropriate quantities. As such, it is possible to replace 1 serving of fat by about 12 pieces of fresh Aleppo pistachios.

– It contributes to lowering high cholesterol levels, a thing that is useful for the health of the heart and arteries:
This is thanks to its richness in phytosterols and mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA).

– It helps alleviate the problems of mild constipation:
Because it contains a high volume of fibers.

– It contributes in maintaining healthy eyes:
Thanks to the lutein it contains, which protects the eye from the UV damaging effects and from eye diseases associated with aging.

– It is a good source of vitamin E which helps prevent cell oxidation and it contains vitamins B1 and B6 in addition to vitamin B9, or folic acid, which plays an important role in cell regeneration.

– It is very rich in minerals, mainly phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, calcium, zinc, and niacin.

– It is free of cholesterol:
Since cholesterol exists only in foods of animal origin.

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