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Nestle, JD launch family nutrition smart speaker (Checked For You)

Global food and beverage leader Nestlé has recently partnered with China’s online retail leader JD to launch China’s first AI family nutrition smart speaker.

The device – Nestlé XiaoAI – is the first attempt that Nestle has carried out in conversational interface, which combines smart speaker technology with nutrition and health knowledge.

Nestlé XiaoAI is built on JD’s best-selling DingDong smart speaker system, and features Nestlé’s custom recipes, music, and nutrition advice. In addition to Nestlé XiaoAI, all of DingDong’s speakers will also contain this Nestlé content. A limited edition beta version of Nestlé XiaoAI is now available on JD.com.

“China is Nestlé’s second-largest market globally and over the 30 years we’ve been operating here, we’ve strived to keep our finger on the pulse of the consumer,” said Nestlé Greater China Chairman and CEO Rashid Aleem Qureshi.

“This innovative business model is part of a global trend to go beyond traditional products with ‘digital services’ that add new layers of value: convenience, entertainment and education for healthier living,” added Qureshi. “The technological expertise brought by JD enables DingDong speaker to play a key role in helping Chinese families develop and maintain healthy eating habits.

Source: China Daily

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