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Smart and simple ways that contribute to reducing your proneness to food

– Add oat brans or ground flax seeds or Chia seeds to the glass of milk or yogurt you’re having, starting with half a tablespoon a day and then increasing the quantity gradually and without exceeding two tablespoons a day which you would split over several meals. Such ingredients are very rich in fibers and mixing them with liquids increases their volume which leads quickly to the feeling of fullness that lasts long.

– Avoid foods that include the E621 additive, also called “monosodium glutamate”. This is due to the fact that many scientific studies have classified that additive as an appetite enhancer and makes you eat more and more of the food which contains it.

– Cook vegetables in their full form without cutting them into small pieces or preparing them as “purée” and make sure that you stop the cooking process before they are fully boiled. Spending some time cutting them directly in your plate as well as chewing them thoroughly will take longer, hence bringing you quickly the feeling of fullness you’re looking for.

– Go for leafy vegetables (lettuce, iceberg, …) when preparing salads since these are low in calories and occupy a large place in the plate and chewing them requires quite some time, a thing that stimulates the sense of satiety.

– Replace chocolate with a small handful of some types of full breakfast cereals containing cocoa. This makes you enjoy the taste of chocolate in foods that are low in calories and fat, and it makes you benefit from the large amount of fibers they contain.

– Don’t start a meal with a food that’s rich in sugars and fats. These foods are appetizing and eating them requires the secretion of a large amount of insulin, leading to your loss of control over the amount of food you’re allowed to have.

– Avoid eating foods that are completely free of “useful” oils or salt (unless this is your doctor’s recommendation) since foods containing a moderate amount of oil and a small amount of salt or two or three olives will help you savor the taste of the food, a thing leading quickly to satiety.

– Choose foods that you can have in small bites whenever you feel like nibbling in front of the television. These would help you feel the pleasure you’re seeking and they would lead you fast to satiety at the same time. They are also low in calories. For example, you can have thin slices of carrots or cucumbers, or cherry tomatoes or naturally-prepared popcorn.

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