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Here’s how chia seeds help reduce your appetite

A natural appetite suppressant:
Chia seeds play an important role in regulating appetite and controlling weight. This is due to their gelatinous properties which allow them, when in contact with a liquid, to inflate and turn into gel, a phenomenon that generates a sense of satiety that can last longer.

Beneficial for bone health:
Chia seeds are very rich in calcium. Due to this, they are important for the health of teeth and bones.

A good source of several nutrients:
Chia seeds are rich in proteins, minerals (magnesium, potassium, selenium, etc.), vitamins and antioxidants.

A substitute for eggs:
For people who are allergic to eggs, chia seeds can be an excellent alternative to eggs, by replacing some of the eggs with such seeds in recipes containing eggs.

A substitute to gluten:
Chia seeds may be used to produce gluten-free bread. Also, they offer this type of bread a texture that resembles that of gluten.

A blood sugar regulator:
The great richness of chia seeds in fibers makes it possible to slow the absorption of sugar during the digestion and this helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

A food that’s richer in omega-3 than linseeds:
Chia seeds are particularly rich in Omega-3, making them attractive for the heart’s health.

A seed with a neutral taste:
Being tasteless, chia seeds can be easily added to several foods (salad, milk, yogurt, juice, jam, bread, cake, jello, etc.)

Due to their high fiber content and to avoid any discomfort (bloating, etc.), it is advisable to consume chia seeds gradually, starting with ½ tablespoon per day while making sure to never exceed 2 tablespoons per day. Also, they must be stored in the refrigerator. Moreover, people who are allergic to other types of seeds (sesame, linseeds, etc.) or those suffering from chronic diseases should always consult their doctor or physician before consuming them.

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