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This ingredient makes us want to eat more…

We often feel the inability to stop eating this or that product. This feeling leads us to an excessive consumption of that product and this, of course, risks to cause us an unwanted weight gain. This is due to an ingredient contained in such a product.

In short, we are talking here about monosodium glutamate, or sodium glutamate, which is found in a big lot of products that we consume every day.

But in which products is sodium glutamate found? The MSG is present in many products, especially in certain foods that have a smoky taste. The MSG is often present in some types of: ketchup, chips, biscuits, snacks, breakfast cereals, frozen foods, prepared meals, dehydrated soups, broths, canned meat, sausages, industrial salad sauces, etc.

Monosodium glutamate, or sodium glutamate or also MSG, is E621, a food additive of synthetic origin which has no flavor on its own. It is added to several types of foods because of its role which is to enhance the taste of the other ingredients present in such foods.

Finally, and while most public health organizations and associations in the world view glutamate, or MSG, as non-hazardous to health, several studies confirm that when consumed in large quantities, it is accused of influencing satiety, appetite and the urge to eat. And so, the more you eat a product that contains it, the more you want to eat more. Therefore, weight gain is a risk that is not to be neglected in here.

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