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You should avoid foods containing these additives (Part 1)

– Parabens or E214 to E219:
These are conservatives that help prolong food shelf life. Used in cosmetics, they are unfortunately also present in food products, essentially in some: sausages, pie pastas, and confectionery.

– BHA or E320 (butylhydroxyanisol) and BHT or E321 (butylhydroxytoluen):
These are antioxidants that help avoid food rancidity. They are present in various foods, essentially in some: chewing gums, breakfast cereals, and butter.

– Synthetic colorants or E102 to E129:
These are colorants that help improve the appearance and color of foods so that to make them more attractive to consumers. They are present in various processed foods, essentially in some: candies, sodas, soft drinks, biscuits, ham, and cakes.

– Palm oil :
It is a vegetable oil that’s particularly rich in saturated fatty acids. It does not rancid fast and it is resistant to thermal treatments which makes it a favorite ingredient for food industrialists. But beware… If consumed in large quantities, palm oil is harmful to our arteries.
Palm oil is present in many food products, essentially in certain: breakfast cereals, biscuits, chips, spreads, chocolate, pastries, cakes, breaded fish, pie pastas, cooked dishes, mayonnaise, canned soups, margarine, and the list goes on…
Caution! A label on which there’s no further explanation of what the included “vegetable oil” is does not mean that such a product is free of palm oil!!

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