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Quick tips for avoiding diet failure

– Don’t refrain from taking food for long hours; when you will feel hungry afterwards, you won’t be able to control neither the quantity nor the quality of food you will eat. Thus, all your sacrifices will vanish, a thing that would give you a feeling of failure and despair.

– When you’re under the influence of anxiety or stress due to any problem or issue, abstain at that very moment from eating since you will often involuntarily take a large amount of food as a result of your refusal or escape from finding a solution to what brought you this kind of negative emotions. In such a case, of course, you won’t get close to the desired result.

– As much as possible, avoid eating while standing or driving. Always find some time to sit and relax and savor the taste of the food you’re consuming. This will help you feel full and will avoid the sensation of hunger very soon afterwards.

– When you’re with a group of friends or with the family, avoid disclosing your strong desire to lose weight and remember that you don’t have to explain whatever you’re trying to do to reach your goal. This is because their advice will often backfire.

– Don’t start a meal with foods that are rich in sugars such as croissants, white rice… These will lead to the secretion of a large quantity of insulin, a thing that will entice you to eat more and more food and exceed the quantity usually allowed.

– Make sure that each of your three main meals contains enough proteins which provide you with a sensation of fullness for a long time, thus helping your ability to persevere in the diet you’re following and reaching the results you’re looking for.

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