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Caution! Here’s how cooking rice makes it toxic

The FDA and the EFSA have already confirmed that rice contains arsenic, a toxic substance. This may originate either from pesticides used by farmers or from industrial contamination. Moreover, according to the European Food Safety Authority, rice contains 10 times more arsenic than all other foods. Consequently, a frequent or regular consumption of rice can be harmful (since it is carcinogenic).

But does this mean that rice we consume is harmful because it contains arsenic?!! Unfortunately, yes, but… its method of cooking plays an important role here in the fight against this toxic substance and its elimination from our dish.

Thus, everything is played at cooking time. Rice must be cooked in a volume of water which is about 5 times equal to the volume of the rice. Once cooked, rice should be drained and excess water should be discarded. It is in this water that 40 to 60% of arsenic contained in rice will be eliminated, according to the FDA.

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