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The melon… A detoxifying fruit with multiple advantages

1 – The melon is a great choice for those seeking a natural way to detoxify. This is due to its draining virtues.
2 – This fruit is very rich in water and low in calories.
3 – It contains vitamin C and it is rich in soluble fibers which are quite beneficial for an accelerated intestinal transit.
4 – The melon, a summer fruit, is one of the favorites for maintaining a good night vision and for having a healthy and tanned skin thanks to the excellent amount of provitamin A or carotene which is essentially found in melons with orange flesh.
5 – The melon is known to be a diuretic due to its richness in potassium which helps remove excess water. Moreover, such richness may make it beneficial as well for preventing high blood pressure.
6 – When shopping, always try to pick the heavy melon pieces that are free from cracks and which you could really feel their perfume.

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