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5 common mistakes contributing to weight gain

– Insisting on giving up, on the spot and overnight, a long list of bad eating habits and following a strict diet plan or regimen: Chances are too few for such a decision to succeed, this is for not saying “None”.
– Resisting the feeling of hunger and insisting on waiting on till the next meal: This will lead to a complete loss of control over the quantity and quality of food consumed during that meal. You may as well have a cup of yogurt or tomato juice, for example.
– Practicing, suddenly, some harsh sports activities and exercising for long hours, and with exaggeration: Sports activities are an important part of any balanced diet. However, overdoing this can lead a lot of people to an accentuated feeling of hunger in a way that is often hard to resist.
– Putting a long list of forbidden foods, which are usually and most of them our “favourites”: A long time commitment to such a list is very difficult and will lead us to throwing ourselves on all such foods at once and thus wasting all efforts achieved so far.
– Eating a high-carbs, no-proteins breakfast: Consuming the right amount of proteins will help us feel full and avoid the sudden, severe sensation of hunger well before noon.

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