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5 mistakes that would lead you to overweight during the holidays

– The decision you take in advance for going on consuming whatever you wish during the holiday period before you start a strict diet immediately afterwards. Such a thought, by itself, leads you to make food your only concern during that period and would stimulate binging and overeating.
– Throwing yourself, on the morning of the first holiday period day, on high-fat and sugar-rich foods, such as Kneffeh, Ma3mools and biscuits, a thing that would give you a strong sense of striving for food all day long. This will push you to eat large amounts of food, causing the surge of gastric pain and gastrointestinal disorders, such as burning, bloating or diarrhea.
– Eating a large amount of Ma3mools with the pretext that this could replace one of the three basic meals and ignoring the fact that each piece of small sized Maa3mools, of all types, contains between 120 and 150 calories.
– Considering pasta-based items, such as Fatayer stuffed with cheeses, or meat rolls or Kebbeh, as appetizers and not counting them as part of your food allowance for the day. As a fact, each 2 pieces of these are equivalent to one portion of starch and one portion of proteins. Moreover, these are rich in calories, especially the fried ones.
– Visiting the family and friends on an empty stomach so that you allow yourself eating a larger quantity of sweets. Beware that, by doing so, you’ll never be able to control your will facing such tempting offerings.

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