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Tips for enjoying summer encounters without risking any weight gain!

– Avoid salads filled with high-fat sauces, such as mayonnaise, and prefer sauces containing a bit of oil and mustard or balsamic vinegar or lemon juice
– Do not approach the variety of cheeses displayed on the table and which are often full of fat, high in salt and rich in calories
– Substitute soft drinks or alcohol with soda water and lemon slices
– Replace nuts with a bunch of lupines, cherry tomatoes or carrots
– Avoid chips and salty biscuits as they contain many appetizing additives and large amounts of salt
– In the case of dishes containing eggs, leave egg whites and get rid of egg yolks
– When at a barbeque party, always choose the least fatty meat and chicken pieces and completely avoid chicken skin
– Prefer “Sorbets” to ice cream. The latter is much richer in fat and calories
– If you’re a fan of Arabic sweets, pick just a small piece and eat the top of it and leave the bottom part which is usually the richest in sugar syrup
– Stay away from fried potatoes that are high in harmful fats and contain twice the calories contained in grilled potatoes
– Don’t choose “Purée” potatoes as they are very rich in butter, creamy milk and cream. And because they are soft to chew, you will end up eat a good portion of that food, a thing that won’t get you near to satiety
– If you wish to have a piece of cake, pick the piece that has the least of cream and remove the upper cream layer
– Don’t deprive yourself of food for long hours before heading to the gathering. Once there, you won’t be able to resist tempting dishes which will lead you to waste all the effort you have made.

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