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What are these green spots on potatoes?!

First, and in order to ensure our choice of good quality potatoes, we should only choose those that are firm and those that don’t contain sprouts.

We must not choose potatoes that show green spots since such spots contain a substance called solanine, a glucoalcaloid that is toxic and that cannot be destroyed by cooking or frying. So, if you notice green spots or sprouts, it is preferable that you simply throw them away.

In order to ensure a proper conservation of potatoes, we should store them away from light, in a place that is neither hot nor cold and where the humidity level is at its lowest level since humidity can cause the potatoes to rot.

Lastly, don’t put potatoes in the freezer, regardless if they are cooked or raw. Only pre-cooked potatoes can be frozen and this is possible if you’re going to fry them or roast them in the OVEN only.

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