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Goat cheese: Is it one of the richest in calcium?

– There are several varieties of goat cheese. Such cheeses may be made either from raw milk or from pasteurized milk.

– Goat cheeses are among those that are the least rich in calcium. They contain much less calcium than a number of other cheeses, like Emmenthal and Gruyere for instance.

– Goat cheeses are a good source of protein. As for their fat content, it lies between about 15 and 25%.

– Goat cheeses are an excellent source of phosphorus. In addition, they contain iron, zinc and copper. Goat cheeses also contain several vitamins (A, B1, B2, etc.).

– It is good to know that fresh goat cheese is usually much less caloric than refined goat cheese.

– Finally, and with regards to pregnant women, it is always advisable that they go for pasteurized milk cheeses than those made with raw milk, so that to avoid any bacteriological risk.

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