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Tips for losing weight without a diet (Part 1/2)

If you love pasta a lot, try to replace it with thin slices of cooked zucchini and a few carrots. Then, add some grilled tomatoes to them as well as shredded low-fat cheese.

Want to prepare a cake? Reduce the number of egg yolks to the max, or banish them completely, and only use egg white. Also, replace the fat that’s mentioned in the recipe with 0% yoghurt. Otherwise, replace half of such fat with apple or banana puree.

Try to satisfy yourself with your olfactory senses!! Light up scented candles with cinnamon or vanilla essence. Such odors can help calm your constant urge for food.

Breathe deeply and relax before eating. This will reduce stress and help you get satiated faster.

Never put chocolate, peanuts or other delicacies in transparent jars or on the table in the living room. These must always be out of sight.

Try to escape all foods that are too caloric. And if you have to use sugar or oil, always measure the quantities to use rather than “guessing” them.

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