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Maamool: The calories, the hidden side, and the tips

No matter how diversified are the recipes for preparing Maamool, and whatever its size and shape might be, it remains that this sweet food that’s so dear to our hearts is very rich in sugar, in saturated fats and in calories. Furthermore, it is often found that the caloric value of one piece of medium sized Maamool (stuffed with walnuts, almonds or dates) ranges between 150 and 200 calories.

– It is not recommended that we take more than one medium-sized piece or two small-sized pieces of Maamool per day (this only applies to people with no health issues requiring limiting such consumption). Also, it is preferable to consider Maamool as an alternative to a certain quantity of bread or fruits and its consumption should be on exceptional basis and limited to the holiday period and not until all the quantity is exhausted!

– Avoid exaggerating in your consumption of fatty foods and chocolate during the same day. This can lead to intestinal disorder and severe stomach-burns. As such, it is best to scatter the quantity you wish to eat from these foods over several days.

– Prefer home-made Maamool to that commercially prepared by sweet food shops which is often richer in fat and sugar and therefore higher in calories, and always choose the small pieces of it.

– To obtain a lighter and less caloric Maamool: When preparing the dough, replace butter or fat with a small quantity of vegetable oil and reduce the quantity of sugar in the dough and the filling and avoid spraying sugar on top of the pieces after they are baked. In addition, don’t forget to replace the butter or fat that is to be mixed with the date filling so that it becomes soft with a bit of hot water and a little of vegetable oil so you will get the same result but with less calories and harm to your health.

– Be creative in terms of hospitality and get away from the ordinary and offer your guests pieces of dates that are covered with a light layer of dark chocolate or pieces of dates stuffed with almonds or walnuts and raisins instead of the usual Maamool we all know. This is a healthier and less caloric option.

Finally, remember that there is no bad food in itself but there are foods that become very bad if we don’t consume them the right way and in the right quantity.

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