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Checked For You: The Galaxy hot chocolate is saltier than sea water

With a name like Ultimate Marshmallow Hot Chocolate, you might think a health warning would refer to sugar levels. But a study has revealed alarming amounts of salt in the Galaxy product – which was saltier than some sea water. It was one of many items in a survey on salt levels, which found just one out of 28 food types studied had met the British Government’s target for salt reduction this year: bread rolls.

The study by campaign group Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) compared two shopping baskets of equivalent everyday food, but where one basket’s items had more salt. The saltier basket had 107g of salt compared to the healthier basket’s 47g. This 60g difference is equal to 130 bags of Walkers Ready Salted crisps.

Galaxy’s hot chocolate had 0.6g of salt per 25g serving, more than the 0.46g in a bag of crisps and 16 times more than the Government’s 2017 target set for drinks. Salt levels in sea water fluctuate, but the drink was saltier than some seas including the Baltic and the Black Sea.


CASH said this shows PHE are also failing to educate the public. Katharine Jenner, of CASH, said salt is ‘the forgotten killer’ while Dr Alison Tedstone of PHE, said: ‘The food industry has reduced the amount of salt in our foods by 11 per cent in recent years, which is an encouraging progress. We know there is more to do.’

Source: The Daily Mail

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