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Can we consume as much as we wish from fruits?

Although it’s true that fruits are considered healthy foods, but this does not mean that one can consume any quantity whatsoever. Not at all! Moreover, and in spite of the fact that fruits are full of benefits, this does not mean that it is possible to eat only fruits for example.

Nutrition-wise, any kind of excess is never advisable. As such, it is recommended that, on average, 3 servings of fruit be consumed per day (while always preserving variation) and as part of a balanced and healthy food plan.

Fresh fruits are generally low in fat and in calories. They are an interesting source of antioxidant vitamins that have an important role in preventing certain diseases, including cancer. Thus, fresh fruits mainly contain vitamin C (especially in citrus, kiwi, etc.) and vitamin A (mainly in colored fruit). They are also rich in fiber that are beneficial for intestinal transit.

However, fresh fruits also contain sugar (fructose) and in varying quantities. As an average, fresh fruits contain 10 g of sugar in 100 grams (half an apple of an middle size). However, grapes and bananas contain a larger quantity while strawberries and watermelons are among the fruits that contain the least amount of sugar.

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