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Is it true that colors can affect our weight loss?

Yes, indeed, this is true. Various tests and studies have already proved that certain colors can stimulate our appetite while others may, on the contrary, slow it down. So, this can be considered a trick for people wishing to lose weight or keep them looking good.

The color of the table-set (plates, glasses, etc.), the tablecloth, the armchairs and the walls of the room plays on the intensity of our appetite. Conclusion: yes, the colors around us influence our appetite, which fast food establishments have understood. Thus, we note that these establishments often decorate their room (walls, tables, armchairs and various decorations) with warm colors supposed to open our appetite, mainly red, orange and yellow. Think of MacDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King and many others.

Moreover, the blue color that we never find on our plate, since there is no food of this color, can curb our appetite. Also, dark gray is a color almost totally excluded from catering establishments as it can cause a sense of disgust towards food.

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