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Yes, pickled cucumbers are a good source of probiotics, but…

Indeed, all kinds of pickled food (among which are pickled cucumbers) are rich in probiotics, those favorable bacteria that are good for the intestines. Such bacteria are naturally present in the digestive system and they help in facilitating the digestive process. Their number may be bound to decrease in the presence of certain conditions; taking antibiotics is perhaps one of the most important of such conditions.

Pickled cucumbers are sought after as they add a delicious flavor to many dishes. This is in addition to being low caloric and rich in fibers, just like fresh cucumbers. Pickled cucumbers also contain minerals although their vitamin content is lower than that of fresh cucumbers.

Pickled cucumbers contain a large quantity of salt which can be harmful to people suffering from high blood pressure, from cardiovascular or kidney disease, from water retention, etc.

Such pickles can be harmful as well to people suffering from colon or stomach problems (ulcers or esophageal reflux).

We should also try to prefer pickles made at home the traditional way to those produced by food industrialists which, besides their excessively high salt content, may integrate harmful preservatives and artificial food colorings and a large quantity of sugar.

Finally, it is always possible for us to savor one piece of pickles from time to time if this is not harmful to our health and without unduly exaggerating in such consumption. Also, it is always preferable to wash pickles thoroughly under running water before eating them in order to reduce the quantity of salt they contain.

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