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Here’s how you can eat less and not feel hungry anymore

– Go for solid foods rather than liquids (such as soups and purees). In general, solid foods are high in fibers and they also require good chewing, a thing yhat accelerates the feeling of satiety.
– Eat your pasta and vegetables Al Dente. By doing so, they will be digested more slowly than those that are well-cooked, and their impact on your blood glucose will be less. Afterwards, you will be able to keep tight until the next meal.
– Never sit at the table when you are too tired (after some strenuous physical activity) or when you are too angry. Such situations will surely not help you feel easily satiated.
– Take your meal whenever you feel a strong hunger since it’s useless to wait for the usual meal time and go for nibbling in the meantime.
– Drink one or two glasses of water about half an hour before starting your meal as this helps fill your stomach and reduce your hunger.
– Use plates and glasses that are smaller than those you usually use because the larger the container is the more you will eat.

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