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5 tips for losing weight after the holidays (Part 2)

As promised yesterday, here is the second batch of quick tips that will help you restore balance to your diet at the end of this holiday season:

– Consume enough raw vegetables (without forgetting cooked ones) such as artichoke which is good for the liver and which promotes the elimination of toxins, and beetroot which is a mine of antioxidants and which plays an important role in the regulation of intestinal transit.
– Banish all kinds of cold meats, fat cheeses, industrial dishes, industrial sauces, sweets, and refined products. Also, replace cheese with yogurt or labneh light.
– Exclude all consumption of alcohol, sugary drinks, and fruit juices. Instead, eat fresh fruits in moderation.
– Do not skip any meal so that to compensate for excess food consuming during the holiday season. By doing so, your body will store more fats during the next meal and you’ll find yourself nibbling up delicacies all night long.
– Move your body so that to burn more calories and practice a physical activity that you like, or go for a walk. This will help you get enough air to oxygenate your body, and it will help you concentrate again on yourself and regain that good complexion of yours too.

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