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5 tips for losing weight after the holidays (Part 1)

Pale and tired skin, flatulence and gas, digestive and intestinal problems! Do you feel some of these? This is normal for many of us after the holiday season and all that accompanies it in terms of fatty and sugary foods. But, don’t worry as you can quickly restore the balance of your diet if you follow some simple tips, including the following:

– Get rid of all what’s left over from cakes and desserts. Also, set aside the beautiful chocolate arrangements, sugar-coated candies and sweets, since being surrounded by such temptations makes us tend to consume them all the time.
– Salt your dishes in a much lesser quantity (salt promotes water retention and the excess of water is stored in the tissues) and go for herbs and spices.
– Prefer lean fish and chicken breast to red meat.
– Bet on herbal teas, especially green tea, and infusions with the addition of a slice of lemon, if this is permissible, since lemon has many virtues and can help in the elimination of accumulated toxins and fats.
– Drink plenty of water as this can help you eliminate toxins that have accumulated after an inadequate diet.

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