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10 tips to avoid gaining weight during the holidays

1- Take advantage of your shopping journeys and preparations to move further and burn more calories before reaching party time.

2- Before the festive evening, avoid skipping a meal and do not deprive yourself too much. This will only heighten your appetite and give you an irresistible desire for anything that is sweet and fatty during the evening.

3- When you’re in front of the buffet, avoid tasting from everything that’s presented before choosing the ingredients of your plate. Also, make sure not to refill your plate for a second time.

4- In the case of an open buffet, try to compose a dish that’s made of a good portion of proteins, a portion of carbohydrates and some vegetables.

5- If you plan to have a glass of alcohol, prefer raw champagne or wine (they are among the least caloric) and try to limit your consumption to one glass that will last till the end of the evening.

6- Chew slowly and enjoy tasting every single bite. By doing so, the 20 minutes required before the brain triggers the feeling of satiety will pass with a minimum of food consumed.

7- Don’t consume much of cold meats and fatty cheeses.

8- Do not over-consume pistachios and appetizer biscuits.

9- Limit yourself to a small serving of cake or Christmas log. In fact, any excess of such sweets can easily make you lose all the efforts you have made so far.

10- Finally, drink water sufficiently since this will help you to eliminate the toxins accumulated during the long festive meals.

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