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Broccoli or Guava? Which of these foods has a higher vitamin C content?

Broccoli is indeed a vegetable filled with a thousand of nutritional virtues. However, when the question arises about its content of vitamin C in comparison to the guava, the latter obviously takes it over with a much higher content.

Guava is a fruit that’s characterized by its pronounced fragrance, it is low in calories and it not very sugary. Thus, it may well be integrated into a slimming food plan.

Guava has an exceptional content of vitamin C (about 250 mg/100 g), it is one of the favorite fruits for winter times since it stimulates the functioning of our immune defenses. In addition, guava is recommended for people wishing to boost their vitamin C intake, especially smokers whose needs are higher than others.

Guava is a perfectly mineralized fruit since it is essentially rich in potassium and iron. Its consumption is, thus, strongly advised to teenagers. Also, guava is very rich in fibers. As a result, it helps stimulate intestinal transit and prevent constipation. However, beware! Guava should be avoided by people suffering from fragile intestines, an irritable bowel or colitis. These people should always consult their doctor.

On the other hand, we should only buy guavas pieces having a smooth skin that’s free from cuts, and those pieces that can’t be broken due to a finger push and those having a very odorous fragrance. In addition, it is possible to store mature pieces of guava for a few days in the refrigerator, in a closed container so that their perfume does not invade the entire refrigerator. In the case of not yet mature pieces of guava, these can be placed in the kitchen, in a paper bag, so that to speed up their maturity process.

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