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Added sugars… How much can we consume per day?

Question: It is recommended that our intake of added sugars be less than 10% of our daily caloric intake? Answer: Yes, this is advisable. Indeed, the World Health Organization recommends that our supply of “free sugars” be reduced to less than 10% of the daily total energy intake, in the cases of both adults and children. This is due to the fact that it has been shown that free sugars intake of less than 10% of the daily total energy intake helps reduce the risk of overweight, obesity and tooth decay.

But what are these added sugars? Well, here we are talking about “free sugars” which are generally added by manufacturers when preparing their food products, as well as by certain cooks or housewives, and always with the aim of obtaining an appetizing taste, a particular golden coloration and a better conservation period. These sugars are found in pasta and breads in general (pizza, manakish, fatayer, French loaves, bread crumbs, white Arabic bread, etc.) and in some types of breakfast cereals, light mayonnaise, tomato sauces, surimi, industrial soups, appetizer biscuits, delicatessen, canned vegetables, etc.

On the other hand, most of us consume, while not knowing it unfortunately, excessive amounts of added sugars, much of which are hidden in processed foods that are often not considered as sugary at all: For example, each tablespoon of ketchup contains about one teaspoon of sugar.

Finally, it is essential for us to read the nutritional labels of food products in order to limit our abuse of sugars and fat and all that can harm our health when consumed in excess.

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