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Here is the truth about iron contained in spinach

Contrary to what we always heard from our parents, spinach is not the food that’s the richest in iron. Indeed, it contains a lesser quantity of iron than what we used to hear and of a quality that’s much less absorbed by the body than that of iron found in a good piece of meat, for example.

In fact, iron contained in spinach is of the type of “non-heme iron” found primarily in plants (cereals, fruits, vegetables, pulses), for example. This type of iron is quite poorly absorbed by the body. On the other hand, the “heme iron” type, which is found exclusively in animal products, is better absorbed by the body.

Moreover, it is fortunately possible for us to increase the rate of iron absorption by the body simply by combining the right foods during the same meal. Thus, the consumption of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron. This is a recommended practice. However, coffee or tea taken just before or after a meal reduces the intake of iron. So, if we want to keep having a good supply of iron, we should have such beverages between meals instead.

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