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Who said popcorn

Who said popcorn is suitable for weight loss?!

Our famous and cherished popcorn is obtained from a specific variety of corn known for its small grains which we enjoy listening to its bursting sound when being cooked. These grains are thus blown and reach a volume that’s about 30 times greater than their initial volume.

Therefore, and as you noticed, popcorn is made of corn – that is to say, a type of starch just like wheat, rice, pasta, etc. and its consumption should be well calculated and moderate. We must not go beyond certain limits.

A cup of popcorn as a snack may be an interesting choice that’s also low in calories… on the essential condition that we consume it “natural” without adding any oil, butter, caramel, sugar or salt! What do you think about that?!

When we taste it grain by grain, popcorn gives us much pleasure and satiety and can be easily consumed (always in reasonable quantities and when approved by the doctor) as a replacement of salted biscuits and roasted peanuts which are more caloric. Popcorn is, also, rich in dietary fibers, beneficial to the intestinal transit, and in antioxidants and it is gluten-free, a thing that makes it an interesting food for those who are concerned about such a fact.

Finally, beware of the popcorn sold in movie theaters!!! Indeed, these are just caloric bombs. They are packed with fat, salt and flavorings. Popcorn sold in cinemas contains as much calories as a well-constructed and fatty meal…

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