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Here’s how to help your brain control your eating habits

1- Help your brain with its production of dopamine and serotonin (happiness hormones). How? By practicing half an hour of walking per day. You’ll then ask: But what’s the point in this? Well, this will help you stay calm throughout your day. Therefore, you will be less subjected to food cravings. By doing so, you will be able to control the quality and quantity of your food in a much better way.

2- Set a framing pattern for your authorized food portion inside a plate. This will help you have a better “view” of the portion you’ll be consuming. Afterwards, break the portion into small bites to savor slowly. By doing so, you’ll be surprised how you’d probably end up not finishing the whole of it. Indeed, the action of consuming food in a disorderly frame leads you, most of the times, to consume it excessively. Also, you will notice how quickly your food would be finished.

3- Start saying “No!” and give priority to yourself. Is this hard to accomplish? Be aware that the fact of forcing yourself for doing things you don’t wish to do usually gives you a sense of frustration that will push you back towards food. This is true since, in such a situation, you’ll consider food as your favorite refuge. Therefore, start learning how to say “No” and you’ll be pleased and proud of what you’ll accomplish.

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