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Ice cream or sorbet? What should I choose?

Sorbets represent a real pleasure for all of us, youngsters and elderly. Unlike ice creams, sorbets are made with no milk or cream, knowing that they contain no fat at all. Indeed, sorbets are made of water, sugar and fruit pulp or juice. Also, some manufacturers could add a natural or artificial flavoring to that mixture. In addition, the minimum proportion of fruit pulp should be 15% for highly sour fruits (lemon) or 35% for soft fruits (strawberry).

As such, we can see that sorbets may be a good choice on hot days spent on the beach, provided that we limit our consumption to 2 scoops maximum since such 2 scoops of sorbet typically provide between 80 and 100 kcal while 2 scoops of ice cream provide between 150 and 180 kcal. However, sorbets are always rich in sugars. We also recall that a fruit sorbet can never replace a natural fruit in terms of nutritional value.

On the other hand, diabetic people should pay real attention to their consumption of sorbets due to their content of simple sugars, especially when taken out of meals, since they can suddenly and quickly raise their blood sugar level. For these reasons, these people must always take the advice of their doctor who could inform them on what’s allowed in terms of sorbet consumption.

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