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To eat less… Go for these habits!

– Limit your salt intake! Salt is an appetite trigger. Remember that you’ll always find it difficult not to finish a pack of salty peanuts or cookies or chips for example.

– As soon as you feel a strong urge to let off through food, take 2 squares of dark chocolate (more than 80%) that you’ll split into small pieces and you’ll melt in your mouth. This will have a satiating and antistressant effect and will subsequently reduce your stress-related eating impulses.

– Add spices to your various dishes. Spices have the power of enhancing the taste of your food and of coloring it. It’s one way to gain pleasure and satiety in one shot.

– While taking your meal, and as soon as you feel the need to refill, take a 5 minute break and then drink a glass of water. This can help you control your appetite and see whether your feeling of hunger is real or not.

– Spice up your dishes if you can (and unless your doctor prohibits it). This will increase your energy expenditure and will slightly speed up your metabolism.

– Choose low-calorie foods that require effort and time to chew and that create volume in the stomach. Examples: cucumbers, carrots, radish, etc.

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