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5 reasons that make

5 reasons that make strawberries a slimming partner

– Strawberries are ideal for people concerned about their weight:
It is one of the best “slimming fruits” and among those that are the least caloric. Strawberries provide us with about 32 kcal in 100 g.

– Some 150 g/day of this fruit can cover our needs in vitamin C:
Strawberries are considered among the most recommended fruits for smokers (whose needs in this vitamin are increased and in a proportional way with the level of their cigarette consumption) due to their richness in vitamin C (50 mg in 100 g).

– Strawberries are considered a fruit that has a high satiating power:
This is due to their richness in water (about 90%) and their interesting fiber content (about 2 g in 100 g).

– This is one of the most favorite fruits for diabetics:
Strawberries contain a relatively low amount of sugar (between 6 g and 8 g in approximately 100 g) compared to most other fruits which contain, on an average, between 10 g and 14 g and sometimes even more.

– It is considered a good source of minerals:
Strawberries are an excellent source of potassium and magnesium. They also contain calcium and have an interesting manganese content. They are as well characterized by their iron, copper and zinc content.

On the other hand, let’s beware. Strawberries are among the foods that release histamine in the body, and this characteristic is, in fact, the cause of an eventual allergy to strawberries found in some persons. In such a case, these persons should always refer to their specialist physician.

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