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Do you care about your weight? Here’s what you may not know about green plums

Green plums belong to the “almonds” family which comprises plums, cherries, peaches and almonds. Originally, green plums are pieces of yellow plums that were picked “raw”, that is before they ripen. They are characterized by their acid taste which turns sweet if these plums are left a longer time on their tree. It is also known that their taste is very distinctive and sought after by many people.

Green plums provide us with a number of benefits out of which are the following:
– They are a good companion throughout the various weight loss phases since they are low in calories. Indeed, every piece contains from around 4 to 6 calories.
– Green plums provide us with a feeling of freshness and they contribute in fighting fatigue, thanks to their rich water content.
– They also help in fighting mild constipation problems since they are considered as a mild laxative for the intestines.
– Green plums give us as well a feeling of satiety due to their high fiber content.
– Green plums help us fight free radicals which contribute to the appearance of aging signs, since they are rich in antioxidants (such as flavonoids) and contain many vitamins (namely, vitamins C and A) and minerals (potassium, magnesium and phosphorus essentially).
– Green plums may be taken as a healthy “snack” on the condition that we don’t add to them an excessive dose of salt, so that to avoid the harmful effects of salt and its negative impact on health.
– Finally, we should keep in mind that an excessive consumption of green plums can cause some gastrointestinal discomfort or diarrhea, because of their high fiber content. As such, they should be consumed in moderate quantities, i.e. ten pieces a day as a maximum.

As for people who don’t like the acid taste of green plums, I suggest that they try adding some to certain recipes, such as cooking them with stuffed zucchini and grape leaves or pickling them with small onion cones and cut cabbage, for example.

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