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The energy slump

The energy slump of 11am… How to avoid it?

Who among us hasn’t got, one day, a feeling of fatigue, lack of concentration and sudden nervousness – all occurring generally around 11am? I think you already got the sense of what I mean – these are the symptoms of the well-known “energy slump”. If you are a victim of such a feeling, here is a simple tip that may help you avoid this awkward moment and, subsequently, pursue a productive day full of energy:

Avoid having a breakfast that’s rich in refined carbohydrates (white bread, pasta, etc.) or sweet foods (jam, chocolate spread, etc.). Although such foods, stuffed with simple sugars, would certainly provide you with a momentary satisfaction, but they also promote the sense of fatigue and reduced concentration you feel around 11am. Therefore, it’s better that you go for a breakfast that includes complex carbohydrates (whole grains, whole-wheat bread, etc.) and always in moderation along with a source of protein (cheese, labneh, etc.) and fibers (raw vegetables). Remember to drink liquids as well. This will give your brain the energy it needs for its good functioning and will avoid that late morning energy slump.

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